Picture Windows

The picture window offers the best view a window has to offer. With one fixed glass unit and no movable sections, there is nothing to obstruct your view. Picture windows are perfect for letting in the suns light and allowing you to take in the beauty of nature.

Picture windows come in a variety of architectural shapes to compliment the design of your home. Click here to view a list of window shapes available.


Window Terms and Definitions:
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What is Low-E?

What is Visible Transmittance (VT)?

What is Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)?

What is a U-Factor?

What is Double-Strength Glass?

What is a Window Spacer?

What is Argon Gas?

What are Glazing and Glass Types?

What are the Grid / Grille Styles Available?



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Our standard window package comes with the following features: Two surfaces of Low-E, Argon gas, a Duralite non-metallic spacer, and double strength glass. This Window Package will produce a U-factor and Solar heat gain rating of .30 or less.

The following is a list of other features that can be added to your window package:

  1. Bronze Tint
  2. Grey Tint
  3. Frosted Glass
  4. Triple pane glass unit
  5. Sound Reduction Glass options
  6. Foam Super Spacer
  7. Foam filled Frame
  8. Grids/Grilles
  9. Tempered Glass
  10. Laminated Glass


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