Garden Windows

The garden window gives a room a more spacious feel while letting in the suns natural light. The garden window is the perfect place for your vegetable starts or for raising a small herb garden. When decorated with your favorite flowers, it creates a wonderful garden like atmosphere.


  1. No fin or flange-style nail fin with unfinished
  2. New Generation uiPVC vinyl never needs
    painting or caulking and resists conducting
    heat and cold
  3. Durable powder-coated steel wire shelf
    maximizes the area for your herb garden
    and plants
  4. Operating single hung windows on each side
    allow for ventilation
  5. Fusion-welded frames and sash for extra
    strength and dependable performance
  6. Available in white or beige color options
  7. Sloped top lite is only available with a dual-
    pane insulating glass unit
  8. Energy efficient Warm Edge insulating HP
    glass reduces energy cost and reduces fabric
    fading; Optional Warm Edge+ spacer system
    for enhanced performance

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