Bay and Bow Windows

The bay and bow windows are perfect for making a room bigger without having to add on to your home. The bay and bow windows project outward from the house creating more space inside the home.

The bay window comes with three units or sections. The center section is a picture window and the two side sections can be vertical sliders or picture windows.

The bow window projects at a 13 degree angle and can come with as many as five window sections. It too can be ordered with sections that are vertical sliders for letting the breeze bring nature indoors.


  1. Frame types include no fin, or nail fin with 1
    3 /8" setback with optional head and seat with jamb
  2. Low-point, high-pressure weep system helps rain
    water drain efficiently from the frame
  3. Removable side loaded bottom sash
  4. Continuous weatherstripping and dual cam-action
    sash lock provides security while sealing out the
    weather and sealing in your comfort
  5. Energy efficient Warm Edge insulating HP
    glass reduces energy cost and reduces fabric
    fading; optional Warm Edge+ spacer system for
    enhanced performance
  6. Corrosion-resistant stainless-steel screws and
    hardware for lifelong durability
  7. Aluminum-reinforced meeting rail for added
    strength and durability
  8. Maintenance-free multi-chamber PVC
    construction with fusion-welded corners for
    durability, weather-tight performance and beauty
  9. 3 7/16" frame depth with heavy vinyl walls for
    strength and stabilit

Bow Window

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