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"When I decided to side my house, I hadn’t a clue what I wanted. After consultation with Mr. Joe Sweet, and with many questions answered, I learned I was dealing with a man of integrity and honesty, where a handshake still means what it meant 40 years ago. Mr. Sweet outlined my options in a manner my wife and I understood and provided several estimates for us to consider, with regard to our budget. Once we made our bid selection, Mr. Sweet worked closely with us to choose the best materials that would meet our budget, provided the longest and best covered warranty, and a suitable timeframe for project completion. Mr. Sweet kept us in the loop daily on the projects progress and was available, even after hours, for continuing queries."

"Mr. Sweet is a man I would not hesitate to work with again down the road or recommend to friends and strangers alike for their construction projects. He knew what he was doing. He understood our concerns and the limits of our budget and respected the decisions we made without pushing for extra pennies for some corporate profit pie chart. His honesty and professional demeanor is a breath of fresh air. His work is top notch. His attention to detail was unerring. His customer relations, in my opinion, is one others could learn from."

"In a nutshell, if you are looking for a man of integrity and honesty, who will work diligently with you on your project, who will not twist you in the wind, and whose handshake means what a handshake means, you have come to the right man." -Mike C.

Dear Homeowners:

After receiving several quotes from other big name siding companies, we found the pricing and service of Sweet construction to be extremely competitive. One of our greatest concerns in deciding whether to add onto our existing home, was whether we would be able to successfully match our 10 year old, faded vinyl siding with new siding. After consulting with Joe Sweet, we were confident that we would be satisfied. Joe takes pride in his work. We were impressed when after siding nearly 1/3 of our addition, Joe was not satisfied with a slightly off color choice, and decided to remove the siding and redo it with a better match. This was not going to be convenient for him…driving from our Nampa home to Emmett to exchange siding, which cost him extra time and money. This was a color detail that I, as the homeowner, didn’t even notice, but a job well done was important to him. Joe proved to be an excellent choice again, as his attention to detail and eye for perfection matched our siding perfectly. He and his crew were pleasant to work with, and were prompt and thorough. We would highly recommend Sweet Construction to any new construction or remodel project.

Ren and Lara Leigh Hansen


To whom it may concern:

Sweet Construction has done many projects for me over the years. He has been conscientious and
his quality of work has been impeccable.
He does what he says he will do. I will continue to use Sweet Construction on my siding projects, and do not hesitate to recommend him to you.

Delbert Parry
Parry Construction

A knowledgeable associate in the building trade recommended Sweet Construction to me for a siding project on a rental property I own. Joe provided a comprehensive bid based on several quality product options. As agreed, he proceeded to complete the project in a timely and competent fashion.

I was completely satisfied with his work and would recommend his ability and professionalism to all.

Ron Wright

Dear Sweet Construction,

Thanks for improving the value of our home by $20,0000! The vinyl windows, patio doors, and front door that you installed made our house warmer, more energy efficient, and helped our house sell for at least $20,000 more than it would have. We have had a number of vinyl siding and window installations in houses that we have owned. Your workmanship and pride that you take in your work is far superior to anyone else’s work. We would highly recommend your work to anyone interested in making their home more energy efficient and beautiful.

With sincere appreciation for your work,
Dave and Linda Griffith

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