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Vinyl windows come in a variety of styles, colors, shapes, and sizes. High quality, replacement vinyl windows add beauty, style, and energy efficiency to your home. Wonder what new windows will cost? Get a no-hassle Free Online Estimate now!

Sweet Window and Glass balances cost and efficiency to provide you with the best products at the best value. Vinyl window colors never fade or need painting or staining. Airtight insulating chambers and insulated glass units provide energy-efficient performance throughout every season.

When deciding which window is right for each location in your home, here are the different options to consider:

1. Window function: Does the window open horizontally, vertially, or not need to open? Some windows are designed for the glass inside and out to be easily cleaned without even stepping outside.

2. Glass Options: Different types of glass offer different energy savings and perfomance.For example, if a window is in direct sunlight, glass components can reduce heat gain and keep your home comfortable. Also, frame options (grid styles) are available to add style to your windows. You can read more about glass types here: What are Glazing and Glass Types?

3. Colors: While standard windows come in white or beige, upgrades come in a variety of colors to match your home exterior, and even mimic wood finishes on the interior. Interior and exterior colors can be selected indepently to match your home both inside and out.

4. Window style: Besides standard flat windows, there are bay and garden windows that increase the sunlight let into your home and expand the size of your room.

Select the type of window you are interested in from the list below to help decide which window is best for you.

Bay Window

Bow Window

Double Hung Window

Wonder what new windows will cost? Get a no-hassle Free Online Estimate now!



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