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Sweet Construction LLC is dedicated to installing quality products with an exceptional high quality installation, to give you the best look and durability for your home. We stand behind our installation by offering installation warranties in addition to the manufacturer's product warranties.

We install vinyl, aluminum, and steel siding. To browse our recommended and preferred product lines, please use the navigation above or icons below to browse products you are interested in.

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Today's consumers believe wholeheartedly in the old adage, "You get what you pay for." They're interested in product performance, low maintenance, workmanship and warranties. Exterior beauty is important to them, because they know that first impressions count.

Vinyl siding is the most preferred material overall in both new construction and remodeling.

Vinyl siding's share of the market has approximately doubled in the last decade while traditional wood materials are on a marked downswing.

In addition, vinyl siding has become increasingly popular in use in all home segments, from starter homes to luxury homes.

Structure® EPS Premium Insulated Siding
Structure® EPS Premium Insulated Siding is the perfect solution for homeowners who want the added strength and efficiency of insulation, superior siding performance, beauty and design. Permanently bonded with our high-quality expanded polystyrene insulation, Structure® EPS Premium Insulated Siding contains one of the thickest insulations in the industry today.The result is lower energy costs throughout the year and a much quieter home environment. It’s backed by our exclusive Lifetime Limited Warranty for worry-free performance.

Structure EPS® Color Availability 

Structure® EPS
Premium Insulated Siding

• Premium insulation — One of the thickest insulations in the industry; 10% thicker than standard insulated vinyl

• Energy efficient — improves resistance to heat lost with a value of R-4, saving as much a 25% on your home’s energy costs.

• Energy Star® qualified — helps meet the performance guidelines of an Energy Star® new home when installed properly.

• Looks and feels like solid wood — 300% more impact resistant that traditional siding products.

• Severe weather performance — withstands wind loads up to
190 mph.

• Keeps heat in and moisture away — allows your home to breath by releasing water vapor.

• Virtually maintenance free — unlike fiber cement, requires
no caulking, patching, priming or painting.

• Available in DreamColor™
choose from more than 700
color options.

• Provides quiet comfort everyday — insulation can reduce noise levels from outside sources as much as 30%.

Lifetime Limited warranty — backed by the Alcoa Home
Exteriors, the best name in the business


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Ovation™ Vinyl Siding

Color Availability



Make a smart investment without sacrificing premium design and beauty.

offers maintenance-free durability that saves smart homeowners
time and money.


• Full lock dimension

• Full length return

• Nominal .042 thickness

• Double 4", Double 5", Double 4-1/2" Dutch Lap

Mastic V.I.P. Lifetime-Limited Warranty

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Board & Batten Vertical Vinyl Siding

Board & Batten Vertical Siding

Color Availability


Board & Batten Vertical
Vinyl Siding

This premium vertical siding is designed to be striking enough to provide beauty to the details that matter, yet versatile enough to be a flexible design solution
for the entire home. With crisp vertical lines, classic shadow pattern, and authentic craftsman-like construction, Board & Batten premium vertical panels provide a warm welcome on any distinctive home exterior.


• Wider dimensions and authentic colors

Color-clear-through formula

• Nominal .050" thickness

• Perfect solution to historic renovations

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Designer Accents

Window and Door Casings
Trim molding installed around a
door or window opening.

Mounts and Vents
Mounts provide a flat surface for mounting lighting fixtures and electrical outlets. Vents take air in and out of the home.

Shutters and Tops


Designer accents include:

• Gable Vents

Fixture Mounts

Exhaust Vents

Window and Door Casings

Door Surrounds

Window, Door and Garage Mantels


Shutters and Tops

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See page 16 of the brochure for color options

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Liberty Elite® Vinyl Siding 

Liberty Elite® Color Availability

Liberty Elite® Vinyl Siding

Discover how the classic look of freshly painted wood can deliver extraordinary durability.

Liberty Elite® is a new generation of siding quality — a generation made to last longer, hang straighter, resist warping and perform better than any other vinyl siding of its kind.

Liberty Elite’s exceptional thickness can actually help
conceal minor perfections in a home’s sidewall. What’s more, the color is actually part of the siding material itself, so nicks and scratches won’t show. Ageless beauty. Unparalleled performance.


• Rich woodgrain texture

Color-clear-through formula

• Nominal .048" thickness

• Double 4", Double 5", Double 5" Dutch Lap

Medallion Lifetime Limited Warranty


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Aluminum Soffit Envoy™ U-Groove
  Envoy center lanced U-groove soffit provides ventilation, and gives any home a beautiful, finished look while it eliminates the toughest maintenance chores, especially in those hard-to-maintain areas like under the eaves. This alluminum soffit provides you with the finest limited lifetime warranty backing in the business. Visit our warranties page for more information on Sweet Construction's related installation warranties.  


Aluminum Fascia offers unrivaled resistance to
the elements for years of dependable and durable quality. The Alumalure
2000™ finish holds its color and resists the toughest corrosive elements
including UV radiation and acid rain.
Of course it's covered with the finest limited lifetime warranty. Visit our warranties page for more information on Sweet Construction's related installation warranties.


Aluminum Soffit & Fascia Colors:


Vinyl Cedar Specialty Panels

Vinyl Cedar Specialty Panels
Color Availability


With vinyl cedar specialty panels, you'll find classic and contemporary styles and colors that contrast or complement to add style, interest, and value to a home. The choices are as varied as your imagination.

Vinyl cedar styles include: shakes, shingles, scallops and other shaped panels.


• Seven classic shapes offer exciting possibilities for

• Advanced manufacturing techniques produce exceptionally high quality Vinyl Cedar. Its quality makes it a leading choice for architects and builders who recognize the significant added value of cedar siding materials.

• Vinyl cedar is manufactured using 100% high-grade vinyl, formulated with special UV inhibitors and other ingredients that give it superior resistance to sun, heat, and cold.

Shakes have the rich grain of hand-split cedar and shingles bear the random marks of a mill saw.

Nearly 100 different, hand-crafted vinyl siding molds are used to create the exceptional, "no repeat" cedar grain.

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