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At Sweet Construction LLC, we take quality to the level of perfection and also provide exceptional customer care and service. But you don't have to take our word on it, see for yourself in our gallery below. Plus read what our wonderful customers have to say about our service and work! You'll find testimonials dispersed throughout the gallery, or you may view just the testimonials by clicking the link above.

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Replacing the outdated and worn out siding on your home can greatly improve the appearance, style, and value of your home.




New siding also is a sound investment, as studies show that installing a premium siding panel may pay off: homeowners can potentially recover 81% of the overall cost of a vinyl siding job if they decide to sell their home." (Remodeling Magazine's Cost vs. Value Report, 2006)


"When I decided to side my house, I hadn’t a clue what I wanted. After consultation with Mr. Joe Sweet, and with many questions answered, I learned I was dealing with a man of integrity and honesty, where a handshake still means what it meant 40 years ago. Mr. Sweet outlined my options in a manner my wife and I understood and provided several estimates for us to consider, with regard to our budget. Once we made our bid selection, Mr. Sweet worked closely with us to choose the best materials that would meet our budget, provided the longest and best covered warranty, and a suitable timeframe for project completion. Mr. Sweet kept us in the loop daily on the projects progress and was available, even after hours, for continuing queries."

"Mr. Sweet is a man I would not hesitate to work with again down the road or recommend to friends and strangers alike for their construction projects. He knew what he was doing. He understood our concerns and the limits of our budget and respected the decisions we made without pushing for extra pennies for some corporate profit pie chart. His honesty and professional demeanor is a breath of fresh air. His work is top notch. His attention to detail was unerring. His customer relations, in my opinion, is one others could learn from."

"In a nutshell, if you are looking for a man of integrity and honesty, who will work diligently with you on your project, who will not twist you in the wind, and whose handshake means what a handshake means, you have come to the right man." -Mike C.


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